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Founding time: 2008

Founding aim: to improve the influence and competitiveness of China's manufacturing in the world.
China's high-end horizontal pillow type packaging equipment can improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs and improve the competitiveness of products for the factory.
Company concept: sincere and pragmatic, diligently production, the pursuit of details, continuous innovation.
To provide customers with efficient and intelligent packaging equipment, to perfect packaging as their own responsibility.
Team advantages: rich experience, involving many industries such as food, industry, medical products, daily necessities and so on.
We should attach importance to every link of five elements of machinery, electricity, production, sale and after-sale, and actively explore and improve it,
and create intelligent and efficient intelligent packaging machine.

Ether CAT bus servo drive packaging machine SGM080-3A-P/T/p>

A full automatic packing machine with no manual intervention on the upstream and downstream production line .To this end, equipment is equipped:

*single Shiping belt conveyor system,standard single axis feeding function
*equipped with induction film deficiency system
*can be optional automatic membrane system
*equipped with anti misoperation system ,when a product is filled with products where the error occurred when the reciprocating sealing equipment system can automatically avoid the wrong location of the products, protection products and equipment
*realizing the information of production workshop, equipped with Ether CAT fieldbus control system, which can be uploaded to the main control room in real time.
*temperature automatic tracking system. When the speed of packaging equipment changes, the system can automatically adjust the sealing temperature according to the current packaging speed, without manual intervention.

XGM080-3A-JG edible mushroom packing machine

Full servo drive edible fungus packaging machine ,characteristics of the products in this industry,The equipment is equipped with

*three axis servo drive system (guarantee of efficient and stable operation)
*anti miscutting system (assurances close to 100% positive rate)
*air defense bag system
*universal bag making device (important parts for packing many kinds of products)
*“V” type conveying system
*three side exhaust system (the excess air in the bag is discharged to facilitate the packing)
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We have developed a number of packaging systems with high technical content and difficulty.
As an expert in the packaging process, we develop and provide the optimal packaging system.
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